Help your company or brand stand out from the competition or start your career in marketing. 最全菠菜网's online marketing programs will teach you the tools you need to succeed. You'll learn from our experienced instructors, who are professionally certified or currently working in marketing fields. Choose between our online 市场营销副学士 and our online 市场营销证书 program. You can also check out our in-person 数字媒体营销证书 program, which focuses on the design elements of marketing, 包括平面设计和视频编辑.



市场营销 is an integral part of every business and industry. A marketing degree or certificate will open a wide variety of career opportunities for you. In our online world, businesses and other organizations need many avenues to get their messages out. 市场营销 via social media and online campaigns has become essential for brand awareness and sales. 具有市场营销学位或证书, you will be able to help your company or brand connect with new customers and please existing ones.



Be on the cutting edge of digital marketing while building on the foundation of traditional marketing. 通过这个项目, you will apply branding and inbound marketing concepts to better understand your customers and create valuable connections. You will understand how consumers think and what they buy. Then you can apply that knowledge to develop products, 服务, and authentic experiences that consumers will enjoy. 

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To be a successful marketing professional today, you need new media skills. The marketing programs at 最全菠菜网 will teach you effective strategies for digital, 网站, 电子Mail, 移动和社交媒体营销.

在这个实践项目中, you will build integrated marketing campaigns to reach and engage target audiences for organizations and events. You will also work towards several industry-standard certifications, 包括HubSpot的, 谷歌分析, 和其他人.


We offer three marketing programs to fit your needs as a 最全菠菜网 student. Our associate degree in marketing is a two-year program that you can take completely online. We also offer a fully online 市场营销证书 program that can be finished in two semesters. 最后, we offer an in-person 数字媒体营销证书 program that focuses specifically on the design elements of marketing, 包括平面设计和视频编辑. 


As part of the associate degree in marketing and marketing certificate program, you will create a capstone project with the help of your professors. Your ePortfolio will showcase your talents, skills, and program work. This project will set you apart from other applicants by demonstrating your skills and expertise.



Gain real-world experience through either a semester-long mINiTERN project or a longer-term paid marketing internship. You’ll help organizations with their marketing strategies and participate in various marketing activities such as updating 网站s, 开展电子Mail活动, 运行领英商务档案, 和更多的.

通过mINiTERN项目, you will receive an honors service-learning designation on your transcript and a 最全菠菜网 scholarship. 除了, paid marketing internships are available at various businesses and entities for eligible students.




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The associate degree in marketing gives you a strong foundation in the world of marketing. You will learn business and marketing concepts to facilitate the building of key skills in digital, 网站, 以及社交媒体营销.


  • 数字和移动内容策略
  • 展示和视频广告
  • 电子Mail营销
  • 从属节目
  • 搜索引擎营销

以你的学位, you can transfer to a four-year institution to receive a bachelor's degree in marketing. 这个学位是完全在线的.


市场营销证书Student sitting at desk looking at laptop and smiling

Establish a foundation in marketing concepts and build digital and new media marketing skills through a 市场营销证书 from 最全菠菜网. You will learn the importance of 网站 design, social media campaigns, 和更多的.

This program can be finished in one year and is completely online. You will complete the courses in four 8-week programs, with two sessions in the fall semester and two sessions in the spring semester. 此程序不可转让.



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This certificate program focuses on the design elements of marketing, 包括平面设计和视频编辑. You will learn how to use various digital media tools as well as business concepts.


  • Photoshop和数码编辑
  • 广告原则
  • 视频制作与编辑
  • 业务增长策略

The certificate can be earned in multiple semesters and is only offered on campus. The certificate courses are fully transferable to the Associate of Applied Science degree in 业务 Administration.



Our 市场营销 graduates work in many careers such as: 

  • 广告及促销
  • 市场研究分析师
  • 活动策划
  • 多媒体营销专员
  • 筹款
  • 公共关系 
  • 营销经理
  • 销售
  • 营销专家
  • 社交媒体协调员/专员



Take the next step in your marketing career.



If you are already a student at 最全菠菜网, talk to your advisor about our marketing programs.